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Hi all!

Unfortunalty, I tried to upload meeting minutes via video (as promised!) but I'm having some technical difficulties, so hopefully for next time!

Here are the happenings of yesterday's meeting:

Up-coming events:
On Sunday, 10/10/10, there will be an open house for a Green house (meaning a zero emission house) in Jamaica Plain. The event includes tours of the house/garden, food, music and you can even help out with the garden if you like!

Another BU green group (leadership campaign/SJSF) are leaving as a group at around 1:30 (most likely in front of Warren) to take the T out there.

here is the website for more info:

if you are interested please email Samantha (Sam) Akiha at snakiha@gmail.com

At the meeting:

Sorry to say that the greeroof is not a plausible option for our group. After talking to a green architect at Sustainability@BU who is currently pushing for a greenroof on 100 Bay State Rd. the administration is not going to retrofit any green roofing and is focusing on other avenues (light sensors, white roofs etc).

Instead we had a discussion about moving forward with out Think Outside the Bottle Campaign, but we will be taking it in a new direction! We brainstormed ways to educate the student body and work up to a greater event/week with out plastic. Next time we will start outlining specifics of the campaign and begin working on it!

Also, be sure to do class raps for the Cutler Cleveland talk if you signed up! Also we will be doing some chalking in classrooms for the event, email Becky at rlmorgan@bu.edu if you are interested.

FINALLY - put up the event picture as your facebook profile picture for more publicity! (it's the one with the BP logo on a previous post)

'till next time!
Hannah, ESO e-board

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