Meeting Minutes 10/21

At the meeting last Thursday we discussed ideas for the water bottle campaign, particularly what tabling will look like with the survey and taste testing. We got some good ideas for visuals going, and should have some more concrete ideas by our next meeting.

A pledge is being worked on also, so we should have a few options to choose from at the next meeting. We have decided to give out bottle cap pins in exchange for pledging to drink less bottled water, so start saving your caps!

We broke up into groups for the last half of the meeting. One group focused on working on more specifics for the campaign, and is working on gathering facts about bottled water for our next meeting. Another group did a water fountain audit of CAS, and we will hear those results at the next meeting. The last group worked on a new idea, forming some kind of pocket guide to all the different labels green products can have (organic, vegan, fair trade, etc.) and what labels can be best trusted.

Thanks to all those who came to our last meeting and hopefully see you all at our next!


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