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Global Environmental Brigade Trip to Panama August 15-22

Do you want to develop sustainable environmental solutions to mitigate ecological degradation in bio-rich, but economically disadvantaged communities in Panama?

Join an 8 day student-run Environmental Brigade to Panama! We will be sending a group of dedicated volunteers who will work alongside engineers to build ecologically sustainable projects. These projects range from energy-efficient designs (such as eco-latrines, eco-stoves, greenhouses, and sustainable farming methods), to educating the locals with an environmental curriculum implementation.

This is a unique opportunity for anyone who is interested in the environment, international development, or experiencing Central America first hand. We especially need Spanish-speaking students on the brigade; however, everyone (even with no Spanish or engineering experience) is encouraged to apply.

We will be working on our assigned project throughout the Spring and Summer to bring a plan down with us to Panama from Aug 15-22.

If you are interested, please contact Ting Saw at ting.saw@globalbrigades.org. Further information can be obtained at our website at www.globalbrigades.org