Meeting Minutes

Hey guys! Here are the going-ons of our last meeting:

Upcoming events:

There is the Boston Local Food Fest on Saturday, October 2nd at the boston harbor. SMG's undergrad chapter of Net Impact will be meeting at 11:30 am in front of SMG and going over as a group - feel free to join them! The festival will have free food, beer tasting, and local food groups.

On Monday, October 4th in the GSU alley @ 5:30 pm there will be a pot luck with all the green groups on campus! Bring something yummy and your own plates and utensils!

During the Meeting:

-The Cutler Cleveland talk: We've continued with our advertising campaign - we passed around a sign up sheet for people to talk in their ecology related classes. We also passed around sign up sheets for tabling at the GSU next Thursday from 1 to 4 (tabling would be for both our bottled-water campaign and the Prof. Cleveland talk). If you want to get involved in either and did not sign up send us an email! Also, we made some paper cranes at the end of the meeting.

- The Green Roof: We are pushing forward with the green roof! Be sure to come back with facts about precedents/current construction of green roofs in boston/other universities. Also, if there are any faculty members who would be interested in supporting us, try to get in contact with them this week.

Have a good weekend!

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