10.14 events!!!

As you all may know, tomorrow is the Cutler Cleveland lecture in PHO 205 @ 6pm. The photonics building is located at 8 St. Mary's Street. We would really appreciate it if members would do some baking so that we can collect a suggested donation for ESO. Tabling at the GSU will continue tomorrow from 1-4. Please try to make it to help out! We really appreciate your time.

Also tomorrow:
"Come on down to the Women's Resource Center (in the basement of 775 Commonwealth Avenue) with YOUR favorite dish to share. (Vegan friendly is optimal, vegetarian if not). Also, bring your newest issues and activist ideas to discuss, as we will be both eating and talking about what our next big moves in Boston should be.

Come out, share with us, and let's keep building our activist community."

Here's a link to the Facebook event:

Hopefully we'll see most of you on Thursday!

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