Past Events

5.07.11 Brita Comes to BU

ESO partnered with Brita Filter for Good to pass out free reusable water bottles and Brita pitchers, promoting a shift from bottled water to clean, safe, and tasty (filter) water from the tap.

*To be clear, tap water doesn't have to be filtered with a pitcher in order to be safe for drinking.

4.21.11 Earth Day Celebration on the GSU Plaza

ESOers held a water taste test on the GSU Plaza alongside over a dozen other student groups, non-profits, and local vendors as part of BU's Earth Week. Check out the shout-out ESO received from the BU Quad.

4.20.11 Free Screening of One Water

ESO hosted a free screening of the documentary One Water in CAS B12. The movie explores people's relationships with water all over the globe and the growing issues related to sanitation, privatization, and more. To learn more about the movie and to watch the trailer, click here.

4.15.11-4.18.11 Powershift

Rachel, Maggie, Valerie, Meredith, & Mark

A number of ESOers headed to Washington, D.C. to attend Powershift (what's that?), a bi-annual conference that brings thousands of student activists together to rally support for more effective environmental policy.

3.22.11 World Water Day

Meredith, Courtney, and Joe

In honor of World Water Day (what's that?), ESO held a bottled water taste test in the GSU to prove a point: there's no difference between tap water and the bottled stuff. So, ditch the plastic and tap that instead! We even got a mention in BU Today.

12.12.10 Snowshoeing at the Boston Nature Conservancy

Margo, Maggie, & Becky on the trails.

Just a ride on the Orange Line and a 15 minute walk and you'd swear Boston was hours away instead a few neighborhoods over. The Boston Nature Center has two miles of trails and is a habitat for an array of birds species you can't find on Comm Ave. Admission is free, and rentals were only a few bucks. It's definitely worth a visit! To learn more about the center, click here.

10.14.10 Deep Waters: Inside the BP Oil Spill with Professor Cutler Cleveland

ESO hosted an informal lecture by Professor Cutler Cleveland, founder of the online Encyclopedia of the Earth and leading expert on the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. He discussed the ins and outs of the largest oil spill in history –what went wrong, how the government and private business fell short of preventing the disaster, and what we can learn from its destruction. 

9.16.10 Sustainability@BU Festival on the GSU Plaza

Thursday, September 16th marked the first annual Sustainability@BU Festival on the GSU Plaza. Nearly all of the environmental groups on-campus were there to to speak with students and faculty about what they're doing on campus and how people could get involved. Meanwhile, Dining Services hosted its weekly farmer market. ESO tabled this semester's initiatives as well. The event was from 11am-2:30pm. 

9.15.10 Fall Activities Expo

Each semester, SAO hosts an activities expo including the hundreds of groups on campus. ESO officers were in attendance to talk to prospective members about ESO initiatives and events. The event was held from 3-7pm in Metcalf Ballroom, located on the second floor of the GSU. 

4.23.2010 Soul Purpose

This was our first-ever Soul Purpose Environmental Symposium event at BU! Wee saw some familiar faces as the guys from Boston's Melodeego led a workshop concerning environmental campaigning, which melded together music, philosophy, and team building. Afterwords, we all gathered in the Women's Resource Center for pizza before heading to BU Central for their concert. Which was awesome, by the way! 

Check them out at their website.

4.22.2010 Earth Week 2010

This year's Earth Day celebration was the biggest success in years! Roughly 20 environmentally-related organizations both in and outside of the BU community gathered for the first time on the GSU Plaza. The weather was perfect as groups displayed their initiatives and Dining Services held their First Annual Chowder Cook-off.

As part of our Think Outside the Bottle Campaign, ESOers hosted a table near the GSU entrance, where we quizzed everyone who passed about bottled water. With our fundraising efforts over the year, we were able to give out over 70 FREE Klean Kanteen aluminum bottles to help spread our "BU Taps That" campaign to get bottled water off campus. To learn more about the national TOTB Campaign, click here.

3.22.2010 An Inconvenient Truth Screening

We partnered with BU's Student Health Services as part of their monthly movie screening events. The month of March was dedicated to environmental health, so it only seemed natural to screen the award-winning Al Gore documentary. Following the event, ESOers led a discussion with all those in attendance.

12.14.2009 America Recycles Day

In celebration of ARD, a part of Keep America Beautiful, we tabled in the GSU Link. 

10.23.2009's International Day of Climate Action's International Day of Climate Action was a huge success! More than 150 students and faculty gathered on Marsh Plaza to represent the upper-most level of carbon dioxide that should be in the atmosphere before it becomes unsustainable (right now we're 392ppm). Visit the website to see what they've got up their sleeve for this year, because we'll most likely take part!