Green Your Halloween

Happy Halloween!
With the weekend ahead, check out some awesome ways to green Halloween:
- Goodwill your Garbs
     Hit up Goodwill for some truly inspirational (not to mention cheap) last minute Halloween costumes.
- Compost that Pumpkin
    Before your jack-o-lanterns turn to mush, haul 'em over to the GSU for composting! Planet Earth (and your roommates) will thank you!
- Conserve your candy waste
    Instead of spending money and wasting packaging on individually wrapped candies, spring for large bags of your faves (like Swedish fish... yum)
- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
    As always, don't forget your carbon footprint during the holidays. Can't think of the next time you'll be needing that Statue of Liberty costume? Donate it. Don't know how to get rid of all those cans and bottles? Recycle them. Extra candy? Bring them to CAS 442 and we'll eat them : )

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