Presidential Lecture on Energy and Environmental Sustainability 9.29.10

Hey everyone.  I just saw this in my inbox and it looks like it will be an interested lecture.  Follow the link to see what it's all about and when/where it is.



What you may have missed...

Here's the minutes from yesterday's meeting:

- Synapse, BU's undergraduate science magazine, came to talk to us! They are looking for an array undergraduate authors to submit their ideas or research for publication. This is a great opportunity - if you are interested, email them at BUsynapse@gmail.com.  The website is bu.edu/synapse.

- We decided we were going to look into the possibility of a green roof on Stone Science Building for this semester's big project! We also discussed the idea of breaking into smaller groups if people feel passionately about other issues/projects to work on alongside the green roof.

- Over the next few weeks we will be working on advertising for Professor Cleveland's BP oil spill talk that we are hosting on October 14th

- On November 6th there will be an esplanade clean up, which we will sign up for as a group. Also, we will be planning a trip to go apple/pumpkin picking in late October!

- Last but not least, we worked on making some paper cranes (out of scrap paper, of course) to advertise for the BP talk.

See you all next week!


Mountain Top Removal

Hi everyone,

Anna brought this very important issue to our attention at the second meeting last week.  Please take a few minute to view this website about some civil action that will take place in Washington D.C. this weekend: http://appalachiarising.org/

If you are curious about what mountain top removal is and why it is so terrible take a look at this site:http://mountainjustice.org/facts/steps.php

See you all on Thursday!


Last Meeting's Happenings

Hello all! Here are the notes from our last meeting (9/16/10):

We discussed some issues we'd like to focus on this Semester. For our next meeting we will vote on the top three, and work on those. Here were some of the ideas we bounced around:

- Water conservation on campus (pushing for a green roof, replacing sprinklers with soak lines, reducing bottled water use on campus)

- Getting Power driers installed

- Getting more composting in areas other than the GSU

- More recycling in South Campus

- Reusing/renting books within departments
- planning workshops about how to reuse everyday dorm items

- planning a trip to Powershift in D.C.

Some upcoming events include in the Boston area and around campus:

- Bountiful Brookline on Sunday. Our former President Rachel Weil would love some volunteers for this, so email us if you are interested!

- On Monday there will be the first of a series of lectures about "Energy & Society" in SMG rm 424. Send an email to pardee@bu.edu to register!

Finally - Be sure to collect paper and aluminum cans so we can use them to make pin wheels and paper cranes to advertise for the BP oil spill talk by Cutler Cleveland on October 14th!!!


In case you missed it!

Hi all! In case you missed our first ESO meeting, here are some of the high-lights:

- For this upcoming year we are planning some great stuff like a "Think outside the bottle" campaign, tours of the Emerald Necklace and the Arnold Arboretum, Esplanade clean ups, apple picking, movie screenings and other opportunities to volunteer and participate/create events on campus. We would love input and participation across schools and class year!

- Our next meeting will be this Thursday, September 16th in the CEES lounge, which is on the fourth floor of the Stone Science building - come join us!

- We have a table set up for the Sustainability @ BU festival at the GSU plaza on Thursday, September 16th from 11 to 2:30. We would love to have volunteers to come at 10 am to help set up, or any other time you are available.

- October 14th we are organizing a talk by Professor Cutler Cleveland about the BP oil spill. Stay posted for the specific time and location!

- We will have a table at the Fall Activities Expo this Wednesday, September 17th, from 3 to 7, so feel free to check us out there also!


1st Meeting of Fall 2010!!!

Our first meeting of the semester will be held in CAS 211 at 7pm September 9. There you'll meet this year's e-board and learn about all the things we'll be working toward this fall. Bring your friends, and feel free to bring any suggestions for volunteer opportunities, events, or awareness campaigns you'd like to get involved with!

If you haven't already, join us on Facebook and YouDo.