Meeting Minutes 10/28

Hi All!

So this was the haps of yesterdays meeting:

We revised the bottled water survey we created last year for tabling in the GSU and discussed creating a little pocket/wallet sized guide about which food companies in the GSU are greenest

We also reviewed the results of the water fountain audit in CAS last week, and we will be moving on to auditing the other academic buildings...yay!

Upcoming events:
There will be a green group pot luck in the GSU basement before our meeting next Thursday at 6!

We passed around a sign up sheet for an Esplanade clean up on November 6th at around 9, if you are interested shoot us an email so you can be on the list!

For Next Week's Meeting we will be meeting after the potluck to make our bottle cap pins and compiling our statistics for further tabling in the GSU!

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