What you may have missed...

Here's the minutes from yesterday's meeting:

- Synapse, BU's undergraduate science magazine, came to talk to us! They are looking for an array undergraduate authors to submit their ideas or research for publication. This is a great opportunity - if you are interested, email them at BUsynapse@gmail.com.  The website is bu.edu/synapse.

- We decided we were going to look into the possibility of a green roof on Stone Science Building for this semester's big project! We also discussed the idea of breaking into smaller groups if people feel passionately about other issues/projects to work on alongside the green roof.

- Over the next few weeks we will be working on advertising for Professor Cleveland's BP oil spill talk that we are hosting on October 14th

- On November 6th there will be an esplanade clean up, which we will sign up for as a group. Also, we will be planning a trip to go apple/pumpkin picking in late October!

- Last but not least, we worked on making some paper cranes (out of scrap paper, of course) to advertise for the BP talk.

See you all next week!

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