Last Meeting's Happenings

Hello all! Here are the notes from our last meeting (9/16/10):

We discussed some issues we'd like to focus on this Semester. For our next meeting we will vote on the top three, and work on those. Here were some of the ideas we bounced around:

- Water conservation on campus (pushing for a green roof, replacing sprinklers with soak lines, reducing bottled water use on campus)

- Getting Power driers installed

- Getting more composting in areas other than the GSU

- More recycling in South Campus

- Reusing/renting books within departments
- planning workshops about how to reuse everyday dorm items

- planning a trip to Powershift in D.C.

Some upcoming events include in the Boston area and around campus:

- Bountiful Brookline on Sunday. Our former President Rachel Weil would love some volunteers for this, so email us if you are interested!

- On Monday there will be the first of a series of lectures about "Energy & Society" in SMG rm 424. Send an email to pardee@bu.edu to register!

Finally - Be sure to collect paper and aluminum cans so we can use them to make pin wheels and paper cranes to advertise for the BP oil spill talk by Cutler Cleveland on October 14th!!!

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