Meeting Minutes February 9, 2011

In this week's meeting Saprina Harper (sustainability coordinator of BU Dining Services) came to talk to us about our upcoming trip to Save That Stuff and answer some questions we had regarding dining services.

We also plan to help publicize two upcoming events:

Seminar on Israel and the Environment – a guest speaker will come in to talk about the oil shortage problems in Israel and their use of alternative energy as a solution: Tuesday Feb 22 at 7.30pm in the Hillel House (it will be a Monday schedule day)

Powershift (Apr 15-18 in Washington D.C.) – a youth climate movement summit we would like to attend. We strongly advise anyone who is interested in environmental/sustainability/energy issues to attend this event because it is a great opportunity for learning, leadership training, and network building. We also encourage you to bring friends who are perhaps not so aware of the environmental issues yet.

Please also check out our list of upcoming events by clicking the “Upcoming Events” tab.


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