Meeting Minutes 11/11

Hello ESO-ers!

For last night's meeting:

We made final decisions about facts to use for our bottled water campaign

Also, a sign-up sheet for tabling next week (Thursday, 11/18 1pm-4pm) was passed around, if you want to table and weren't at the meeting to sign up, shoot us an email! If you can't table and would like to bake some treats to help lure people over, that would be much appreciated also!

For next week, we will be meeting on Wednesday at 7 so that people who want to see a screening of Food Inc. in KCB at 7 on Thursday can do so.

Finally, we contributed to Oceana's petition for clean energy and made hand turkeys =)

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Hello, this is the link to the bottled water video I mentioned before: