Meeting Minutes March 30, 2011

In our meeting yesterday we discussed ideas for Earth Day (Friday April 22). Our theme will be water and we will be tabling once again with water taste tests. Also, we will be showing the movie One Water on Wednesday night of that week.

It’s time for us to find new e-board members for next year! If you are interested in joining the e-board, please come to the meeting earlier at 6.30pm next Wednesday (April 6) for more information. For logistical reasons, we are looking for people who will be here for both fall and spring semesters.


Water Quality Analysis from the Department of Earth Sciences

Below are the results for the water quality analysis conducted by BU's Earth Sciences Department. The EPA limits are listed below each compound. Magnesium, Phosphorous, and Calcium are not regulated because they are not necessarily harmful but may cause differences in taste. Magnesium and Calcium are only required by law to be reported by municipal sources if they are above the concentration of 100 parts per billion (highlighted in pink). The highest concentrations in each column are highlighted in green.

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As you can see, the tap water sources are just as healthy if not healthier in some cases (Evian) than the bottled water brands.


Comming Soon...

The water quality analysis data has been distributed, and interpretation/graphing is on its way.  Thanks to everyone who helped make World Water Day a success!  The graph(s) and visuals will be posted tomorrow evening at the latest.  We will also try to compile the blind taste test results and make them readily available soon.



Meeting Minutes March 9, 2011

Hello everyone, in our meeting this week we planned out the details for the photo scavenger hunt (more info will be posted on our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2200049270).

World Water Day is coming up on the Tuesday we get back from spring break (March 22)! We will be tabling from 11am-2pm at the BU Beach. Come by to join the water squirting, learn some interesting facts about water, get some DIY pins, or take our water tasting test.

In the evening we will be showing the film One Water in CAS B12 at 7pm. The winner for the photo scavenger hunt will also be announced at that time.

We will have a final planning meeting on Monday March 21 at 7pm in STO422. We need people to help chalk in classrooms on Tuesday, please attend this meeting if you would like to help.

P.S. If you are interested in joining the “water bottle militia” in squirting the unsuspecting bottled water drinkers who pass by our table to catch them in the act, please contact Nick: 978 270 4754. It will look something like this… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wq58zS4_jvM except with water guns.

Hope you all have a wonderful spring break!